Ready, Set, Go!

Birthing Jewels of Eden took me  a little more than the standard 36 weeks!   From idea to execution takes time and patience.  As I launch for the 1st time today, knowing it will STILL take time, I would like to thank a few people.  I was fortunate to have chosen two women who were instrumental in my site and launch.  I saw a  photographer’s work displayed at a local favorite coffee house months prior to my idea. So impressed with her work, I sent pictures to my talented niece, and upcoming excellent photographer/videographer.  Kathy Hoevet Photography worked hard to display  micro-tiny jewelry sculptures, and I know this new expansion beyond her gorgeous macro landscapes was challenging, yet she rose to conquer. I am so very grateful.

Many people hear about free web designs based on templates and a mere two week turnaround, but I am absolutely certain I could not have created such a beautiful site without the help of Laurel Briggs, Creative Marketing & Design .  Laurel is a natural, unassuming beauty who has the unique combination of skill, creativity, and infinite patience. She was a perfect choice for my site, and it would have easily taken me twice as long in terms of hours invested if not for Laurel.  She is juggling work and motherhood and may I say, doing a mighty fine job of it.  She has a long, prosperous future in her industry.  Well done, Laurel.

Lastly, I must thank God for my constant inspiration and allowing me to see the multitude of little gifts life offers if I simply choose to keep my ‘eyes wide open’. My inspirational scripture is from the passage of Ezekiel 28:13.  The gifts are already there, awaiting to be discovered!



~Shelly Ball, Owner

Jewels of Eden