My Story

imagesMy husband designed my gorgeous, high quality emerald cut diamond wedding ring, with twin, tapered baguette emeralds flanking the center stone. My, oh my, it took my breath away! A few years later, our 3 year old daughter and I spent an afternoon splashing around at the local, olympic sized YMCA pool. That night, just before bed. I shrieked in the darkness. My diamond was gone. Nothing but sad, empty prongs remained. After searching for three long days, my determined husband put on a mask and snorkel and found that run away stone at the bottom of the pool. Like finding a needle in a haystack, I was stunned yet again.

Convinced that jewelry is more eager to get away from me than stay on me, I decided that not having jewelry was better than losing jewelry. After my mother lost her battle with cancer, I could only smile at her simplicity when I opened her tattered jewelry box littered with a collection of camping patches. Conversely, Gigi, my mother-in-law had exquisite selections of pearls, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and rubies which she gave as a small token of her love to each of her family members. When Gigi passed along these treasures, the faces of her grown, grand-children lit up like bulbs on a Christmas tree. They shared the stories of when she wore certain pieces, either at a special occasion or as a daily part of her essence. It was awe-inspiring to see the joy and excitement these precious jewels could produce. When my days on this earth are spent, I will not have camping patches in my jewelry box. I plan to light up faces!

Shelly’s favorite quote : “I love you, Mom”