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Untitled-1Shopping for that special selection can be daunting, time consuming, and costly.  This I know. As a previous retail buyer, I now know I spent too much on too little.

We all know that friend who can sift through racks and racks and wind up with the perfect item for a fraction of the price.  With the help of newer technology, I can shop for you while at the trade shows.  You may only have a few items to choose from with a local jewelry store but the market has mind-numbing selections.  I have an eye for quality and can send pictures, details, and pricing immediately…truly a personal shopper.

It became quite clear at my first show, that much of today’s jewelry is made by the thousands without originality.  I can seek out that one of a kind item at sensible pricing. Some wholesalers are even liquidating their inventory.

Dad’s consider giving your wife a present when she delivers your child.  They should be the birthstone of the baby. These gifts are sometimes referred to as ‘push presents’. The years fly by and later you’ll be glad to give that baby gift to that all grown up person telling them it was a gift the day they were born.

I have to sift through a lot of rough to find the best quality.  It’s been interesting to learn about the selling habits through other countries as well.  Did you know that Italy only sells a minimum of 18K gold within their borders.  However, they can add other alloys and export a lesser quality to USA.

There is no commitment or fee until you are absolutely ready. So let’s get started.  Tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for:

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