Chrysoprase Set


One of my absolute favorite pieces. Chrysoprase is claimed to instill Grace, and was once believed to be a heart healer. This necklace and matching earrings were specifically designed as a collaborative effort with the help of a well known local jewelry artist in Jacksonville, Oregon. The color and the cut of each of the 32 stones is magnificent. Deep apple green, with brown undertones tumbled square. Copper clasp, with copper embellishments and finally a 1970’s style drop rustic flower. Perfection.

I wish I could find a thousand more just like this, but it is a one-of-a-kind. Finding these sweet stones was fortuitous enough as I bought them from a gem collector who had reservations parting with them, yet I knew instantly they needed a design and an owner so that they could be worn, enjoyed, and strut their natural beauty. They are elegant, yet rustic and look terrific with a pair of boots and a cowboy hat.



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Nugget Notes

Called the stone of Venus, chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable, rich apple-green gemstone in the chalcedony family. This stone was often mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelers. Unlike emeralds, which owe their color to the presence of chromium, the bright spring green of chrysoprase is a result of trace amounts of nickel. Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline, which means that it is composed of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification.

Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Roman and Egyptians to make seals, signets, jewelry and other ornamental objects because of its vivid color. Chrysoprase is one of the birthstones for May and has traditionally symbolized happiness, enterprise and prudence. It is a powerful stone that brings good fortune and prosperity. It instills you with poise, grace and helps you to recognize the gentle beauty within yourself so you can enjoy self-expression and courage through fluent speech and mental dexterity.

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